Seven reasons to give your employees engraved glass awards

Seven reasons to give your employees engraved glass awards

Many employees feel disengaged and alienated from their jobs. These workers are less productive and can restrict the success of a business. Fortunately, there are ways to make your staff feel appreciated and motivated.

Engraved glass awards are a great way to thank your employees for their contribution to the success of your business. They can be personalised for an individual employee or a team of workers. Displayed prominently in the workplace, they are a constant reminder that your business cares about those who work for it.

Here are seven of the many reasons to give engraved glass awards:

1. Anniversaries

An engraved glass award can be given at service anniversaries. Rewards could be given annually, or at five-yearly intervals for long-serving employees. In many businesses, high staff turnover is an issue. Rewarding an employee just for being there is not a trivial award, it recognises the importance of experienced workers and encourages them to stay.

2. Employee of the month

An employee of the month award is an effective way to motivate workers. All employees should be eligible. One month it could be the top performing salesperson, another the cleaner or post room worker. An employee of the month award tells every worker, no matter what status they have in the company, that they are important.

3. Spontaneous

Employee of the month, or salesperson of the year are regular and expected awards, but sometimes it is good to just spontaneously give out an award. An award could be given for the employee “who makes us all laugh” or to the employee who helped a customer when they fell ill at the business premises. Spontaneous awards are not predictable, so people love surprises, especially if they involve personalised engraved glass awards.

4. Humorous

Awards don’t have to be serious. Rewarding someone for making the best coffee, or the best decorated desk at Christmas are light-hearted awards, but show that your business cares.

5. Peer-to-peer

Not all award recipients need to be chosen by the management. Workers should be encouraged to share positive stories about their fellow workers. The employee of the month could be voted for by the whole workforce.

6. Personal

Make the engraving include personal touches. For example, if an award is for employee of the month, it should include why they have been chosen. Phrases such as “because you always caring and are positive”, or “in recognition of going out of your way to help customers”, mean so much more than the standard “employee of the month.”

7. Make it public

There should be a fanfare when giving engraved glass awards. All employees in a department should be present at the award ceremony. Hang pictures of the award ceremony in places where your customers can see as this will create a positive impression of your company.

Engraved glass awards are a great way to thank your staff for their achievements. They are not expensive, yet can significantly motivate your staff to be more productive. As a result, your sales and profits will probably increase.

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