Say “well done!” with engraved crystal trophies

Say “well done!” with engraved crystal trophies

Engraved crystal trophies are a great way of saying congratulations for outstanding achievement.

The origin of trophies

Trophies are reminders of achievements and recognise merit. They are given for sporting events and to award employees for outstanding performance.

The word trophy comes from the Greek word ‘tropican’ that refers to property, captives and body parts seized in war. These war trophies were seen as proof of the military prowess of the state. Their association with violence is reflected in the hunters’ use of the word ‘trophy’, used for the prey that they have killed.

War trophies mark victories, so it is not surprising that trophies started to be used for sporting events where the victors are given physical rewards. Thankfully, chalices began to be used as a more humane substitute!

Many sporting events such as the America Cup and Davies Cup still award the victorious teams with chalices or cups, but many sporting and non-sporting events prefer other types of awards. Some events, like the Oscars, give statues, but many events favour crystal glass trophies.

Video game consoles award virtual trophies for players’ achievements, but this is no substitute for a physical trophy to remind someone of what they have achieved.

Types of engraved glass trophies

Plain glass trophies are fine, but many prefer the luxury qualities of crystal glass. Engraved crystal trophies come in a number of shapes and sizes, from a simple obelisk shape to a column crystal award that looks almost as if it was chipped out of a block of natural crystal. A trophy in the shape of a star is for standout performers, and a curved glass trophy is an unusual but contemporary shape.

Engraved glass trophies have many uses

There are many reasons for giving engraved crystal trophies. Sporting organisations give them to winning teams and individuals, and business recognises team and individual employee achievements with an engraved crystal award.

Engraved crystal trophies are chosen for industry awards to recognise the businesses and individuals of the year. They make ideal lifetime achievement awards.

Trophies make special gifts for family and friends. In the family, they can mark occasions such as anniversaries, engagements, getting that special job or graduating. They can simply say thank you, as a token appreciation for the help given by a dear friend.

Words and images that last

Crystal trophies can be engraved with any message to mark an achievement or special occasion. Engraving is not confined to words, images can be etched on the glass. A company logo or sporting badge can be added.

Engraved crystal trophies are glass, so they are fragile, but proudly displayed on a shelf or in a display cabinet they will last for decades. Occasional dusting and polishing keep them sparkling and clean.

Engraved trophies are a long-term reminder that invokes cherished memories each time trophy is seen by the person who received it.

Crystal is a luxury material for trophies. It is worth paying a little extra for genuine crystal for achievements that are worth celebrating in style.

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