Reward goals achieved with engraved crystal trophies

Reward goals achieved with engraved crystal trophies

Most of us set goals and feel a great sense of achievement when they are reached. We like recognition for achievements. Sometimes a word of thanks or praise is enough, but some achievements deserve tangible recognition in the form of engraved crystal trophies.

What do awards recognise?

If a goal is difficult, there is no guarantee that it will be reached. For example, there can usually only be one winner in a sporting event, and sometimes you cannot achieve a goal because of circumstances beyond your control.

To achieve a difficult goal can be a struggle and requires effort, dedication, motivation and excellence. An award is a confirmation that you have succeeded. Industry awards make business achievers part of an elite group that is admired, while sporting rewards recognise the hard work, dedication and training that goes into winning a major sporting event.

The sense of achieving a difficult goal may be enough by itself, but being recognised by one’s peers with an award adds to the positive feelings.

There are many types of goal achievements that deserve recognition. At work, there is the completion of a successful project or exceeding a sales target. There are sporting winners that want trophies to lift and plaques to keep. On a personal level, you may need awarding for achieving the goal of losing weight, passing an exam, getting married or reaching a significant anniversary.

Why engraved crystal trophies make great awards

Employees may give monetary bonuses for employee achievements. This is good, but money going in the bank is temporary, it arrives, then is usually spent soon afterwards. An engraved crystal trophy, on the other hand, is a permanent reminder of the achievement.

Crystal is a luxury form of glass that makes an award special. Engraved crystal trophies can be personalised with a message naming the recipient and what they have achieved. They are ideal for business use, sporting clubs and personal rewards.

If you struggle to find a unique present for a loved one, why not give them the personalised gift of a crystal trophy? Their achievement could be one that is especially personal to you. Present a trophy for “the best dad”, “the person who is always there for you”, or “to my partner for putting up with me for 30 years!”

There is no reason why you cannot give yourself an award if you feel like it. This may seem egotistical, but sometimes you may want to keep the celebration for your achievements low key.

Crystal glass trophies may cost a little more than ordinary glass, but excellence deserves a premium quality trophy. Crystal glass is a fine material that is appreciated for its beauty and quality, which make it an ideal material for a trophy to be proudly displayed as a reminder of what can be achieved with effort and dedication.

The award season is when the Oscars and Golden Globes are presented for the best movies of the year, but you can make any time of year an award season with engraved crystal trophies.

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