Reward your employees with engraved glass trophies

Reward your employees with engraved glass trophies

To retain talented and engaged employees, you need to recognise and reward them. Engraved glass trophies are a great way to do this.

Recognition matters

Workers turn up for work every day because they earn a salary, but this alone is not enough to retain workers if they are not happy at work.

If an employee does outstanding work but feels that their efforts are not being recognised, they may not feel incentivised to perform well.

A business needs products and services that its customers want, but also relies on the efficiency of the employees. Business is a team effort where every employee must contribute to the running of the business. Business owners and managers build relationships with their staff and need to show that they value each staff member irrespective of their status in the company.

When employees feel appreciated, they will have an appreciative attitude to the customers.

Reward schemes

Many businesses have reward schemes that recognise employees who stand out. These reward schemes give top-performing workers gifts. Companies may give away holidays, large bonuses or other high value items, but because of the expense, these can only be given to a few select employees.

A more cost-effective way of rewarding staff is engraved glass trophies. These can be engraved with the recipient’s name and the reason for the award. There are various uses of engraved glass trophies. Top salespeople need rewarding. They usually receive a commission on sales, but adding a trophy for the best salesperson or sales team provides a more permanent reminder of the value of their sales.

It’s not just salespeople who need recognition though; consider also people who have excelled in customer service or thought up cost-saving ideas.

Engraved glass trophies are displayed on an employee’s desk for them and their colleagues to be reminded that their work is appreciated. This can raise the morale of both the recipient of the trophy and their work colleagues.

Measuring the results of a reward scheme

A reward scheme is a business investment that needs to be monitored to see if its aims are achieved. Employee retention rates, productivity and staff engagement can be monitored and compared to a period before a reward scheme was introduced to see if the scheme is effective.

Another measure of the success of a reward scheme is how it impacts the business income and profits. Committed staff who perform to the best of their ability are likely to feel positive about the company, its products and its customers, and this attitude can generate more sales.

Choosing engraved glass trophies

There are many types of engraved glass trophies to suit all budgets, from a simple engraved rectangular or oval design, to beautiful column crystal ones. Trophies in the shape of a star are popular for giving to star employees, while crystal drinking gasses are also a good choice.

For a business to show that they care for their workers, a reward scheme that includes the giving of engraved glass trophies is a sound business strategy

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