Reward employees with engraved glass plaques

Reward employees with engraved glass plaques

Engraved glass plaques are a great way to reward employees, and to say thank you for a job well done.

The value of motivation

Motivated employees who like their work are more productive than ones who do not like working and cannot wait to get home at the end of each day.

Rewards recognise staff who have performed well, and this makes them feel good about themselves. Rewards act as positive reinforcements that show all the staff that outstanding performance is appreciated. People who receive rewards know that their work is valued, and rewards create a positive bond between managers and staff.

The values of rewards

Sometimes a simple thank you is enough to make staff feel appreciated, but a tangible reward like an engraved glass plaque that can be displayed on a person’s desk also shows the rest of the workers that top performance is valued.

Rewards contribute to a happier workplace where positive things happen. If good work, even the with small tasks, is recognised by managers, staff will take pride in their work and be happier, and happy workplaces are more productive workplaces. Rewards increase staff morale and this results in more production and greater profits.

What to give rewards for

One of the reasons to give engraved glass plaques is when someone exceeds their responsibility. They may have gone beyond what is required to help out a customer, or have completed a rush job in their own time. It is worth rewarding a staff member who has used their initiative and taken the lead in a project.

It is easy to judge outstanding performance amongst sales staff by simply looking at the sales figures of each salesperson.

Many businesses have an employee of the month award, this can be based on performance or other members of staff could vote for their favourite college.

It can be a good idea to run sporting competitions as social events. Organise a company tenpin bowling tournament, darts match or football game, with engraved glass plaques presented to the winners. Competitions don’t have to be based around sports, perhaps organise a karaoke competition or a talent competition for glass plaque trophies. These competitions are great for team building.

What to give as rewards

There are many things that can be given as a reward for outstanding performance, including restaurant meals, vouchers, event tickets and experience vouchers. These rewards are fine, but they are experienced, then they are over. If any of these experience rewards are given out, consider combining them with a trophy that can be a permanent reminder of staff achievements.

Engraved glass plaques are stylish looking rewards, that, for a very reasonable cost, are ideal for employee rewards. They can be engraved with any words and can include an image such as a company logo. They can be made from plain glass or, for a little extra cost, made from luxurious crystal glass.

As well as company rewards, engraved glass plaques are ideal as sports trophies and for personal use to celebrate special family or friends’ occasions.

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