Recycled glass wine range extended after selling out

Recycled glass wine range extended after selling out

Wine retailer Laithwaites has added two new products to its W/O range – wine that is bottled in completely recycled glass – after a successful first launch earlier in the year.

In January, after promising to halve its carbon footprint by the year 2030, the online merchant released the UK’s first ever wine bottled in 100 percent recycled glass. The family business, which has been trading for over 50 years, launched a Frapatto wine in post-consumer recycled bottles. The red wine, which is known for its distinct aroma, was created with Dino Tashcetti at a vineyard in Sicily.

Only three days after its launch did the Frapatto sold out, prompting Laithwaites to add two more wines to its 100 percent recycled bottle range.

The merchant has added an organic rosé and organic white wine to its W/O range, with the former being made from Nero d’Avola grapes and the latter from Lucido. The company has commented on the launch, saying that because of the speed in which the initial W/O range wine sold out, it was clear that customers were supportive of their goal to become more environmentally friendly.

According to reports, an audit has shown that glass packaging, as well as transport, account for 68 percent of the carbon footprint created by Laithwaites. Reducing this was the reason behind the initial launch of the range in January. The W/O range has no capsules, and the labels are completely biodegradable.

Serving up the new white or rosé offering in engraved glassware would add style to any occasion.

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