Recognise, reward and appreciate with engraved glass awards

Recognise, reward and appreciate with engraved glass awards

Engraved glass awards mark achievements, reward winners and say thank you.

Winning feels good

A winning feeling is a way to feel good about yourself. As a child, you may have won a sports race, a talent show or a quiz. You smiled broadly, and your parents were no doubt proud of you.

The enjoyment of winning is also part of adult life. If you receive a business award, win a sporting competition, or are congratulated for an achievement, praise from colleagues, friends or family are welcome, but it is better to receive an engraved glass award. This is a more permanent reminder of the occasion.

The winning feeling creates a release of dopamine and testosterone to the brain. Research suggests that over time, frequently achieving goals can change the structure of the brain to make people smarter and more willing to tackle large challenges.

Psychologists say that humans evolved to like winning because it is a survival trait. Those who regularly won passed on the desire to win to their offspring.

Business advantages

There are many business benefits to awards. A business that wants to be recognised as the business of the year in their industry sector is motivated for success. An award logo looks good on marketing materials.

Employees and teams are more productive if they are competing for awards. Staff often value a glass award more than a financial bonus because a physical award is more permanent.

Family awards

Engraved glass awards are affordable, so are ideal to give as family awards. They can mark important life milestones of a family member, such as passing their driving test, getting good exam grades, engagements, and marriages. They don’t have to be awarded for major accomplishments though, as the ‘best mum’ award is great for Mother’s day. Give a ‘helper of the year’ award to a family member who has helped keep the home clean and tidy.

Style that doesn’t cost the earth

Glass is a natural product and can easily be recycled. Some CO2 gas is emitted when making glass, but manufacturers are developing technologies to reduce these emissions. Individuals and companies concerned about the environment can give glass awards without compromising their green ethics.

Engraved glass awards are available in a number of stylish designs in clear or coloured glass. Recipients of engraved glass awards like how they look and are proud to display them for everyone to see.

Include a heartfelt message on the award that personalises the award with the recipient’s name and why they are receiving it. A logo can be etched on the award; this can be a stock logo or one from your own image file.

A glass award is long-lasting. Staff like to display theirs in the office. Businesses have display cabinets containing their awards and pictures of the business award ceremony. Family members and friends keep theirs at home in a prominent place.

The next time you want to recognise an achievement or a special occasion, mark them with engraved glass awards.

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