Raise a glass for English Wine Week

Raise a glass for English Wine Week

Did you know that English Wine Week is in full swing, with events taking place from June 18th to 27th?

What is English Wine Week?

In 2006, English Wine Week was established by trade association English Wine Producers as an opportunity to promote England’s vineyards and their wines. In the years since, the annual event has grown in popularity and there are now more vineyards than ever taking part.

The number of vineyards in England stands at over 700 – double what it was in 2006 – and this is due to a number of factors, including the increasing demand for English wine. Also, the climate is now more favourable for growing grapes and means the growing season lasts longer. Wine making techniques have also become more refined in England, allowing for more complex flavours.

Which glass for which wine?

The quality of English sparkling wine is renowned globally. A flute is the perfect option to serve up a bit of bubbly, as the thin shape of the glass allows for the bubbles to last longer.

Red wine in England is often made from the pinot noir grape and could be served in the larger wine glass to help enhance the rich flavours. A light English white wine could be served in a smaller wine glass which reduces the amount of oxygen in it. Any English wine could be enjoyed in engraved glassware to make an occasion even more special.

With June marking the start of summer and restrictions continuing to ease, this week is a great opportunity to celebrate everything English vineyards have to offer.

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