Prosecco: A sparkling alternative to Champagne?

Prosecco: A sparkling alternative to Champagne?

Sparkling wines come in all shapes and sizes from many different regions around the world, but the two most well-known sparkling wines must surely be Champagne and Prosecco. Often compared to each other, there are a few differences which makes each one distinct from the other, not least the fact that one comes from the Champagne region of France, whilst the other is native to the Italian region of Prosecco.

It’s all in the distilling process
Prosecco is fermented in stainless steel autoclaves in a process known as the tank method or Charmat. This involves a second fermentation in the tanks and is limited to the unique flavour of Glera grapes. Meanwhile, Champagne production uses either Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, or Chardonnay grapes and the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle. This is known as the Methode Traditional.

The bubble experience
Each distillation method results in a completely different bubble experience. The iconic Champagne bubbles that flow upwards through lovely engraved Champagne flutes, is achieved by bottling the drink at six atmospheres of pressure, as opposed to Prosecco which only uses one atmosphere. This results in the more frothy type of bubbles usually associated with Prosecco..

A taste sensation

The classic dry taste of Champagne often carries the undertones of almond, citrus and brioche. Whereas Prosecco has a floral aroma and is quite fruity, tasting of peach, pear and apple and quite often melon too.

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