How to present an award with style

How to present an award with style

Recognition and motivation awards are a great way to reward hard work and exceptional service, and having the honour to present an award should be an pleasant and enjoyable experience. This can be a daunting task for some, but with a little preparation, presenting an award can be done with style and flair.

The opening statement

A great way to start your presentation speech is with a little story about the person. This can either be funny or touching depending on the type of award you are presenting. Find out some interesting facts about the recipient, their hobbies and what they are like as a person. This shows the audience why a recipient is special and adds a personal touch.

Describe the achievements

This is a chance to tell the audience the reason why the recipient has been selected for an award. Focus on the most significant reasons, even if the person has a long list of accomplishments, as you don’t want to bore your audience. Explain the reason why this particular person was chosen above others, and what made them stand out.

The big finish

End with introducing the person and inviting them up to accept the award, present them with their trophy and then step back and allow the audience to applaud, giving the recipient centre stage. After all, this is their moment of glory which hopefully they will savour and acknowledge gracefully.

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