Personalisation and the importance of engraved inscriptions

Personalisation and the importance of engraved inscriptions

When deciding upon a new trophy, award or engraved gift, one of the most important aspects as well as design and cost, is the personalisation and the message that needs to be conveyed.

The inscription should describe a message that is positive and inspirational. It should clearly indicate the relevance of the award to the recipient, and show appreciation and gratitude, expressing encouragement and giving congratulations for a target achieved or a job well done.

Sending the right message

It could also be said that the true value of a personalised trophy or award may not always be measured against the expense of the materials or production costs, but in the message and meaning that is inscribed. An inscription should make every effort to be fitting and appropriate to the occasion. It is an indication of success and approval, of respect earned. Whether a traditional message such as ‘In recognition of grateful appreciation for dedicated service…’, or straight to the point, no-nonsense wording as in ‘Salesman of the Year’, or even a short and snappy inscription like ‘You’re a Gem!’, relevance and context is always very important.

Business and industry awards may be aspirational and encouraging, as in ‘Best Design’ or ‘Most Promising Apprentice’, as well as recognising goals achieved or targets reached. In the world of sport, music, entertainment or the arts, career highs are often rewarded at lavish ceremonies as winners receive their awards from peers and fans for ‘Best Actor’ or ‘Young Musician of the Year’, to name just a couple. Nevertheless, trophies and awards are not limited to the world of business, sport or entertainment; a celebratory occasion such as a special wedding anniversary or milestone birthday may be commemorated with engraved glassware and a more informal, personal inscription. Youth clubs and societies, sporting or otherwise, often use awards and trophies to encourage youngsters and build confidence.

Finding the words

The quality of the personalisation could be regarded as probably the most significant factor when choosing an inscription. In general, trophies, awards and gifts suitable for engraving, are usually a manageable size; too large and they become unwieldy. This, of course, means that space is always a consideration, and deciding upon what needs to be said might come down to what can fit on the piece. Careful choice of words and expressing the correct sentiment in a positive and congratulatory manner, all the while adhering to space restrictions, could present a challenge. Finding the right words to properly convey the message behind an award is fundamental for a successful tribute.

A prize possession

Trophies and awards are a great way to show recognition for hard work or to reward talent. An award may inspire and encourage others to try harder, go further and give more. They may also be personal tributes to family members who are much loved and respected. While the style and design are important, whether it’s a pair of engraved champagne glasses to commemorate a Golden Wedding anniversary or a trophy for excellence in a professional capacity, the personalisation could be regarded as the most treasured part.

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