Making engraved drinkware a special personalised gift

Making engraved drinkware a special personalised gift

Adding an engraving to a drinking glass adds that personalised touch that transforms an ordinary gift into a special personalised one.

Choosing a present for someone you care about can be time-consuming and difficult. Engraved gifts are ideal as the personalised message put on them makes them special and unique to the person receiving the drinkware. Another benefit is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on engraved drinkware.


Plain drinking glasses are ordinary, a cut glass crystal glass is less ordinary, but adding an engraving to the glass makes drinkware extra special.

Express your creativity with the engraved message. Quote the words or poem of your favourite author or add an image. Creative messages make the gift express how you feel about a loved one.

Celebrate a special occasion

A special occasion needs to be celebrated and remembered. Images of the occasion posted to Instagram or other social media are fine, but it’s good to have a tangible, physical item like engraved glasses that are displayed in a location where every time they are seen, they invoke fond memories.

Value for money

Stylish drinkware is not expensive, even when factoring in the engraving. You can spend a little more on crystal glass, which is still an affordable luxury. The words that personalise the glass add sentimental value that cannot be measured in money.

Give a glass for their favourite drink

Increase the personalisation factor by considering the recipient’s tipple of choice. Whether they like wine, beer, whiskey, shots or champagne, there’s a suitable glass. For non-drinkers, there are tall glasses for fruit juice and champagne flutes for sparkling apple juice. Non or low alcohol spirits, wine and beer can also be drink from engraved glasses.

The glass may not make the drink taste better in any scientific way, but it can increase the enjoyment of drinking. People love having a special glass engraved with their name on it, since drinking has a visual aspect too, and it somehow makes the drink seem as if tastes better.

Spreading a message

Engraved drinkware makes an ideal gift for loved ones, but its value is not confined to personal use. Organisations use engraved drinkware as promotional tools to get a brand message across. A punchy slogan and a logo image engraved on a drinking glass is a tried and tested way of raising brand awareness for both for-profit and non-profit organisations.

Engraved drinkware is also useful!

Well-designed engraved glasses are decorative, which is why many people proudly display them in the home in glass-fronted cabinets or on shelves, but they are not just designed to be ornamental. They are gifts that are should be used regularly.

They may not be taken out for everyday drinking, but on special occasions when a toast is called for, raise engraved glasses in the air with a loud shout of “Cheers!”

If you’re stuck for what present to buy a friend or loved one, order drinkware engraved with a heartfelt message.

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