What makes an engraved beer tankard a special gift?

What makes an engraved beer tankard a special gift?

Many beer drinkers argue that the enjoyment of a pint of beer is not just about the taste, but that the glass that you drink it out of is equally important. A beer tankard engraved with a personal message makes it unique and special.

Though many pubs and bars serve beer in straight glasses, there are people who have a fondness for the traditional beer tankard with its handle.

A short history of the beer tankard

The earliest tankards were made from either clay or wood. Wood is not ideal as after a while it takes on the flavour of the beer. It also encourages bacteria to grow, which adds a rancid taste to the beer.

In the 14th and 15th Centuries, tankards made from pewter were introduced. Pewter was preferred to glass because it was less expensive. Some of these contained lead, which had the tendency to poison drinkers. Thankfully, modern pewter tankards are lead free.

In the First World War, beer was served in public bars in an oddly coloured pink china pot with a white strap.

Around 1928 the ten sided or fluted glass beer mug was introduced. This traditional beer mug was featured in the 1930s “Beer is Best” advertising campaign by the Brewer’s Society.

In 1938, the dimpled beer tankard was launched and eventually replaced the fluted design. This was the time when bitter beer consumption overtook the previously popular mild ales.

By the late 1940s, some pubs stocked straight beer glasses, but these suffered from being easily chipped. This problem was solved by the “nonick” glass, which has a strengthened bulge an inch and a half from the rim. Some pubs have now replaced the “nonick” glasses with more narrow slightly tapered thinner or fluted ones.

Early beer glass engraving

In 1745, beer glasses made from glass were produced. As glasses were taxed by weight, these were thin and held only 5oz (a quarter of a pint) of beer. Many of them were the first examples of beer glass engravings, with intricate designs of hops and barley. These glasses were expensive so were not found in the average pub, but remained in the hands of private households.

When glass became the standard for serving beer in the 20th century, most pubs and bars did not serve beer in engraved glasses because of the extra expense. Engraved glasses were, and have continued to be, regarded as special.

The engraved beer tankard

No matter what the average pub serves their beer in, many beer drinkers still find the traditional handled tankard to be their vessel of choice.

An engraved beer tankard is a luxury gift that does not cost the earth. Crystal tankards come with beautiful cut glass designs. Cut or plain glass tankards can be made extra special by engraving with a personalised message and image.

Companies can use tankards as special promotional gifts by having them engraved with the company logo.

An engraved glass tankard is a personalised gift that shows that you care about the person receiving it..

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