The luxury of sipping brandy from an engraved crystal brandy glass

The luxury of sipping brandy from an engraved crystal brandy glass

Brandy is a luxury drink that is best sipped slowly from an engraved crystal brandy glass.

The luxury of brandy

Writer Samuel Johnson once said:

“Claret is the liquor for boys; port for men; but he who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy.”

Not everyone would agree that brandy is only for aspirant heroes because it is enjoyed by many different types of people. At one time, brandy and cigars were taken after dinner. Cigars may have fallen out of favour somewhat because of changed attitudes to smoking, but brandy remains a treat to be savoured after a good meal. It is best sipped slowly with the hands wrapped around the brandy glass and accompanied by enlightened conversation.

Brandy was first made in 12th-Century Holland. Made from distilled wine, it was a way of preserving the life of wine when taken on long journeys. The best brandies are matured in wooden barrels for three years or longer.

As well as being enjoyed as a drink, brandy is used to flavour food and is regarded by many as a medicine. It is usually drunk straight from the distinctive brandy glass known as the snifter, but can also be used in cocktails.

The majority of brandies drunk in the UK are from France, though other countries such as Spain and Greece produce well regarded varieties. There are many grades of brandy, starting at standard ones that cost around £12. XO Cognac Brandy (also known as extra old) is matured for longer and is more expensive. At the top end of the brandy range are ones costing over £100. Taking things to another level, Selfridges sells a Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac for £21,900.

Sipping brandy

Sipping brandy should be a slow experience. It’s not like tasting shots, which are downed in one gulp. All brandy experts say that you should drink brandy from a special brandy glass as this means that you taste the full flavour of the drink. An engraved crystal brandy glass is the luxury vessel your drink deserves.

A very relaxed experience, sipping brandy should be done in a tranquil place. Beside an open fire on a winter’s evening with a few select friends is perhaps the ideal setting.

It should involve all the senses. Start by swirling the brandy around the glass as you look at it to appreciate its colour and texture, and listen to its movement. Hold the crystal glass in the hands, feeling its shape and texture. The hands wrapped around the glass keep the brandy warm. Before tasting, smell the aromas coming from the top of the glass. Slowly sip the liquid and savour its flavour before swallowing.

Engraving the glass

Engraving a brandy glass personalises it, making it an ideal gift for a brandy lover. Give an engraved brandy glass to a loved one, or a business can give them to VIP clients.

Heroes and the rest of us can take great pleasure from slowly sipping bandy from an engraved brandy glass.

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