The joy of receiving engraved glass awards

The joy of receiving engraved glass awards

An engraved glass award is a luxurious way of marking a great achievement.

Sophie Faldo, the winner of the Great British Bake Off, was overjoyed when she received an engraved glass cake stand to mark her win. Some high profile awards are acrylic, such as the Master Chef award, and the famous Oscars are coated with 24 carat gold. However many other high profile awards are made from engraved glass.

A glass award does not need to cost a fortune but can look elegant and special. They can be produced quickly and include a personalised message and image.

Engraved glass is a traditional way of marking an achievement. Glass awards come in many shapes and sizes, from ovals or rectangles, to sculpted 3D shapes.

There are two main types of glass awards – glass and crystal.

Crystal glass

Crystal glass is made from a mixture of sand, soda ash and limestone. Soda ash means that the glass can be melted at lower temperatures, and limestone increases its strength and durability.

Optic crystal glass is a lead-free crystal glass that is extremely hard. It can be polished so that it is extremely smooth and the edges can be bevelled.

Optic crystal is formed into molten sheets up to three inches thick. The sheets are subject to extreme pressure, which removes all air bubbles and flaws. Optic crystal used for awards needs to be of the highest quality, as any flaws will be noticeable. Optic glass awards tend to be more expensive than other glass awards.

Lead crystal glass has a small amount of lead added, which softens the glass so that it can be poured into moulds to form sculptured designs or made into bowls and vases. Lead crystal glass can be include decorated bevels.


Although plain glass awards are cheaper to purchase than crystal, they do not look cheap. They are popular for business awards and for presenting at events.


Traditional glass engraving is done by holding the glass against a rotating cutting wheel.

Logos and other designs can be etched into the glass using sandblasting. A stencil of the design is attached to the glass, and the abrasive sand is blasted at the stencil under extreme pressure, which permanently engraves the design to the glass.

Laser etching can also be used, which involves laser beams cutting into the glass surface.

Unique awards

A glass engraving company will be able to supply awards in all shapes and sizes. With logos, images and text engraved on an award, a business can have unique awards produced. Some glass engravers will supply custom-shaped awards.

Not just for business

Though glass awards are used by many businesses, individuals can create their own awards. They can be used to mark special achievements in the family such as graduations, anniversaries, and engagements.

A personalised engraved glass award can simply say thank you to someone who has helped and supported you during a difficult life period.

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