John Lewis offers hot gin cocktails for the winter

John Lewis offers hot gin cocktails for the winter

Keeping in line with the growing trend for all things gin, this winter, why not try a warming hot toddy made from the popular spirit.

Visitors to London can visit the department store, John Lewis, and sample an array of ‘hot’ gin cocktails at their rooftop garden, which has been transformed into a winter wonderland complete with an ice-skating rink. The idea was inspired by the ‘frost fairs’, popular in the 17th century, when the River Thames froze and people took to the ice.

Traditionally, gin was warmed by using a poker-like utensil called a loggerhead, which was heated in an open fire then plunged straight into the gin. Heating gin enhances the flavour of juniper and offers a fresh aroma to this popular drink.

The classic ingredients of gin and tonic are exchanged for boiling water, a little sugar or a zesty tonic syrup, with a citrus garnish for maximum flavour. With a range of tonic syrups now available to take the place of tonic water, hot gin cocktails offer a warming alternative in chillier weather.

Visitors to the rooftop ‘Skyline Skating’ gardens, which are open now until 6th January 2019, can also attend a weekly masterclass, learning about the history of gin with the chance to taste a specially selected range of gins.

Enthusiasts will also be taught how to create the perfect festive cocktail, including the best glassware for presentation. This may be the ideal time to treat yourself to some personally engraved cocktail glasses, in readiness for the party season.

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