The impact of glass shape on flavour

The impact of glass shape on flavour

Experts have long extolled the virtues of using the right glass for the right drink, and this becomes serious business for many connoisseurs when discussing craft beers and fine wines, so how does the shape of your drinking glass affect flavour?

Drinking craft beer has been described as one part glass and one part beer, and enthusiasts are quick to tell how the right glass is essential to improve and enhance any drinking experience. Wine lovers insist that wine be served in the correct glass to bring out the aromas and taste of a particular wine, keeping the drink at the optimum temperature at the same time.

Over the years, the impact of glass shape on taste and aroma has been the subject of many scientific studies and experiments conducted by both enthusiasts and scientists alike. A team from Japan recently tested a range of glasses for ethanol concentration. The results showed that glass shape, as well as the serving temperature, did have an influence over the concentration of ethanol. The team used a special camera to allow them to see the gases forming in each glass. A ring-shaped pattern emerged that illustrated that alcohol was higher around the rim of a wine glass, while a straight glass and martini glass had no vapour ring.

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