The growing popularity of the stemless wine glass

The growing popularity of the stemless wine glass

The past few years has seen a growth in the popularity of stemless wine glasses of all shapes and sizes, from classic wine tasting glasses to quirky brandy glasses. The growing phenomenon has been subject to much discussion and debate in wine enthusiasts’ circles, and yet despite the interest these types of glasses have stirred up, they actually have a long history.

‘Drinking vessels’ and ‘wine tumblers’, as they were known, have been used for hundreds of years, especially by Europeans. Long before the stemmed glass made an appearance, France, Spain and Italy used stemless glasses for wine and continue to do so today in some parts. It is only due to the expertise of glass makers that over time that wine tumblers and glasses have evolved into the stemmed variety we now know.

Some wine experts feel the stemless wine glass is a move backwards to a time when it was not known how much the size and shape of a wine glass could maximise the enjoyment and experience of tasting wine. Others see the emergence of a stemless glass as a positive return of the tumbler. Many restaurants and bars are now turning to the stemless glass, and with the recent trend for unusual and quirky glassware, the stemless fits right in.

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