Give the personalised gift of engraved highball glasses

Give the personalised gift of engraved highball glasses

When you’re stuck for what to buy a close friend or loved one, have you considered personalised engraved highball glasses?

What is a highball glass?

A highball glass is a tumbler that is usually used for cocktails or drinks that have a high proportion of non-alcoholic mixers. Most people prefer to add lots of ice to their drink in a highball glass. Some like to serve gin and tonic with ice and lemon in a highball glass. The highball glass is also suitable for using with no-alcohol drinks.

Highball glasses vary in height to hold 8 to 12 fluid ounces of liquid and are around 6 inches in height and about 2.75 inches in diameter. A Collins Glass is very similar to a highball glass, but is taller, thinner and holds more liquid (up to 16oz). A highball glass is preferable as it holds less. A Collins glass full of a cocktail or spirit and mixer is too much alcohol for many people’s taste.

Does the type of glass matter?

Different types of glassware have evolved for different drinks. Drink experts claim that the shape of the glass makes a drink taste better. There is some research to back this up. For example, the champagne flute is narrow and this makes the bubbles disperse more slowly keeping the champagne fizzier for longer. Holding a brandy glass with your fingers wrapped around the bowl spreads warmth from the hands to the brandy so that it remains at slightly above room temperature.

Bars serve spirits in small measures, so people like to mix them with mixers – gin and tonic, vodka and tomato juice, or whiskey and soda. Add a few ice cubes and the highball glass is heavy in the hands. Some drinkers say that the heavy highball glass makes the drink taste better.

Drinking is not just about taste. Before the liquid reaches the mouth, the aroma is experienced, and even the feel of the glass in the hands can be sensuous.

Personalising highball glasses

Engraving personalises highball glass. The message on the glass can express anything you want to say, humorous or serious: express gratitude, say thank you, congratulations, or mark an achievement. Engraved highball glasses can be given as prizes for sporting competitions or to reward high performance at work.

Messages specific to the person who receives the glasses are better than generic ones. They can include the person’s name and express affection towards them. Engraving is not limited to text, an image can be added.

Engraved highball glasses are a luxury gift which is affordable. You can buy a glass in a presentation box for less than £10 including the engraving.

It can be difficult to think of what to get someone as a present. Personalised gifts are popular because they show that you have given some thought to the gift. The gift of engraved highball glasses says that you have made the present extra special by adding a personalised message that expresses positive feeling towards them.

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