Give engraved glass awards to your family and friends

Give engraved glass awards to your family and friends

Engraved glass awards are great gifts to thank your loved ones and celebrate special family occasions.

Award ceremonies

From the Oscars to the Pride of Britain Awards, people love award ceremonies where their favourite celebrities give enthusiastic speeches when they receive their awards or someone receives an award for an act of bravery.

You, your friends or family, may not be eligible for one of these prestigious awards, but you could hold an awards ceremony for lower-key, but still valuable achievements. Engraved glass awards are ideal for this.

Family awards

Families have many special occasions and milestones. These include anniversaries and birthdays, achievements such as a family member achieving a university degree, a special job and engagements. Families often celebrate these times with a party or a restaurant meal. To make these events more special, award family members commemorative engraved glass awards with the name of the occasion and the family member it is being presented to.

There can be a special place in the home, a display cabinet or shelf, that contains the various family awards. This can become a family archive that remembers the special times that a family goes through.

Friends awards

Friends awards can be humorous or serious. Fun awards can be for the best drinker, the best dresser or the top joke teller. Awards can be given for silly competitions, the ugliest expression, the quickest to drink a pint of lager and eat a dry biscuit at the same time, the top Monopoly player.

Friends are not only there for the fun times, they support you when life gets tough. They are there for you if you are ill, your pet dies, or you are made redundant. Saying thank you for those who support you when life is challenging is great, but also give engraved glass awards which are a physical reminder of your gratitude.

Types of awards

Engraved glass awards are the ideal way to express gratitude and mark achievements. There are many types of glass awards. If you want to give something that is practical present engraved drinkware. Give wine, shot, beer brandy or champagne glasses to someone who appreciates fine beer, wine or spirits. Other practical engraved items that can be presented as awards include bowls, vases and paperweights. Practical items are both useful and stylish looking.

Many professional awards are in the shape of glass plaques. You can follow their example by presenting friends or family members with their own special glass plaques.

Engraved glass awards are affordable, and you can pay extra for the luxury quality of crystal glass. They can be engraved with any words to personalise them with a person’s name and what the award is for. Personalised decoration is not restricted to text, images can be added.

Don’t just say ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ – why not present engraved glass awards as a permanent, enduring reminder of the positive feelings you have for your friends and family?

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