Give the craft beer lover in your life an engraved beer tankard

Give the craft beer lover in your life an engraved beer tankard

If you have someone in your life that loves craft beer, an engraved beer tankard will make them feel special.

The rise of craft beer

In 2002, the Progressive Beer Duty was introduced by Gordon Brown, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time. It provided tax breaks for small breweries. As a result, the number of UK breweries tripled in 15 years, from around 500 to 1,500, and this number is rising each year. Most of these small breweries are producing what is known as ‘craft beer’.

Many drinkers are not satisfied with what they regard as bland generic lagers and beers produced by the large breweries. They prefer craft beer, which as well as producing traditional type ales, often experiments with new ingredients and flavours.

Craft beers are often distinguished by their funky artwork and packaging that appeals to new, younger drinkers. They also use quirky names such as Aphrodite Raspberry, Brixton Low Voltage and Pistonhead Amber. Craft beers tend to be brewed in small batches.

The craft beer industry is not confined to Britain, with many craft breweries in Europe and the United States. Fans say that the rise of craft beer breweries has given them a vast choice of flavours and beer types.

The glass matters

Beer lovers maintain that the type of glass you drink beer out of is of serious importance. Most pubs serve beer in straight glasses, but many craft beer drinkers prefer the traditional shape of the glass tankard with its handle. Some swear that a tankard makes the beer taste better, but there is no scientific basis for this.

Drinking is not just about the taste of the beer, it is also the company you drink beer with. Friendships are formed in the pub or craft beer bar. To express that friendship in a non-verbal way, an engraved glass beer tankard makes a great personalised gift.

A glass beer tankard can be engraved with any message you like and can also have an image. The message can express gratitude for a friendship, or celebrate a special occasion. It can be given as a token of love to a partner.

Businesses can brand glasses with their logo and slogan and give them away as promotional gifts.

Craft beer drinking is not confined to the male species, with many women liking the taste of craft beer and appreciating the gift of an engraved beer tankard.

There are various types of tankards to choose from. For a luxury gift, choose Durham crystal. Clear glass tankards are less expensive and can be straight or bubble shaped. For beer drinkers who prefer a straight glass, these are available at a low price. Engraved beer tankards come in a presentation box.

If you know someone who likes beer, make them feel special by presenting them with their own engraved beer tankard. It’s a useful personalised present that drinkers will use time and time again as they explore the world of craft beer.

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