Fun facts about wine

Fun facts about wine

With social distancing restrictions gradually being lifted across the globe, what better way to celebrate than by observing National Wine Day next week, on May 25th. Here are some fun facts to digest while you dust off your best engraved wine glasses and enjoy a tipple or two.

The first recorded wine was discovered in Eurasia in the Caucasus region – now known as the country of Georgia – and it is thought to be around 8,000 years old. It is said that older wine has a bouquet, whereas younger wine has an aroma. However, not every wine improves as it ages – some are better drunk while still fresh.

Wine production in the south-west of France goes back to Roman times. The Romans also added lead to wine, believing it to give a sweeter taste and helping to preserve it. The Germans, on the other hand, invented a wine-making process using frozen grapes, which is called Eiswein, or “Ice Wine”.

Wine grapes are planted and cultivated more than any other crop across the globe. Warm southern climates are best for red wine production, whereas cooler northern climates are better suited to white wine production.

For around 8,000 years, wine has been produced and appreciated by human civilisation, and to help you celebrate National Wine Day, enjoy wine in any way you can. You could cook with it, make slushies with it, have a wine-tasting day or simply sit back and savour a glass of your favourite bottle.

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