Four-figure single malt released by Diageo

Four-figure single malt released by Diageo

British spirit producer Diageo has announced a new release from the renowned Highlands Whisky distillery, The Singleton of Glen Ord.

The select offering is a single malt that has been aged for 38 years and commands an impressive £2,100 price tag per bottle. Enthusiasts of the Scottish spirit lucky enough to acquire the Singleton sipper may consider getting their whisky glasses engraved to mark the occasion, as just 1,689 bottles have been made available for purchase across the world.

The production process for this new release marks another landmark for the Singleton brand, following on from last year’s oldest bottling, a single cask offering aged 53 years. The new single malt scotch underwent a secondary maturation term of 26 years, the lengthiest in the distillery’s history. Following an additional 12-year period of ageing, the spirit was poured directly into hand-picked experimental casks from the United States.

Master of Malts for the distillers, Maureen Robinson, explained that the experience had been one of innovation and experimentation, commenting:

“Selecting new American oak casks was very new for us at the time at the distillery and we decided on a lengthy secondary maturation to continue to unlock the decadent layers of flavour in this single malt.”

With a 49.6 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), the 38-year old whisky features the scent of mango, red apple and citrus, with warming flavours such as caramel fudge, apples baked with cinnamon spice and spicy and seasoned notes of Szechuan salt and pepper.

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