Forgotten gift sells for thousands

Forgotten gift sells for thousands

A bottle of whisky that was left in a cupboard for 15 years has sold at auction for over £2,000.

In 1978, a bottle of Macallan single malt whisky with a 1937 label, was purchased by Michael Amphlett in Fort William, Scotland.

It was to be a gift for his father, a whisky lover, who had a special and personal memory of the year 1937. That was the year that Michael’s father left his home in Wiltshire to start a new life in Didcot. Michael paid £11 for the whisky, and although his father was happy with the gift, he decided to hold onto it until 1987, when the drink would become 50 years old.

The year 1987 passed, and the bottle of whisky sat in the back of a cupboard, still unopened. In 1991, Michael’s father passed away and the bottle of Macallan remained forgotten for the next 15 years. It was rediscovered in 2016, when Michael was clearing the house after his mother had died.

Michael couldn’t bring himself to open the bottle without his father being there to enjoy it with him, so put it up for auction. On January 21st 2020, the 1937 Macallan single malt fetched £2,700. Michael was pleased with how much the bottle brought in, but was also reflective saying that he was sad he didn’t get to enjoy it with his father.

The whisky had been in the Amphlett family for 42 years and was 82 years old. Special drinks such as the bottle of Macallan, should be enjoyed from engraved crystal whisky glasses.

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