Football’s top five most expensive trophies

Here is a list of the world’s top five most valuable football trophies. These well-known, engraved awards are famous across the globe.

Fifth place – Seria A

The Seria A trophy is handed out each year to the champions of the Italian league. Created in 1960 and modified in 2015, the trophy is worth an estimated £46,000 and is the most valuable football league trophy.

Fourth place – Africa Cup of Nations

The Africa Cup of Nations is said to be worth £115,000. Two teams, Ghana and Cameroon, earned the honour of keeping the trophy permanently after they won the competition three times. In 2001, a gold-plated trophy replaced the one kept by Cameroon, which was designed by an Italian sculptor.

Third place – Ballon d’Or

The most sought-after individual prize in the footballing world, the Ballon d’Or has an estimated value of £430,000 and weighs approximately 12kg. It was created in 1956 and includes a golden football sitting on top of diamonds.

Second place – FA Cup

Said to be worth £1 million, the FA Cup trophy is given to the winners of the world’s oldest club competition and was first designed in 1871. After the original trophy was stolen, a replacement was made in 1911 from 6kg of sterling silver.

First place – World Cup

The World Cup has an estimated value of £14 million. A globe made up of 18 carats of gold is held up by two figures on this famous award. The current World Cup was designed in 1974, after the Jules Rimet trophy was given to Brazil after their third World Cup victory.

There are numerous trophies given to individuals and teams, but these five make up the world’s most valuable footballing awards.

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