Five occasions when engraved glass clocks might make the perfect gift

Five occasions when engraved glass clocks might make the perfect gift

Classy, dependable and a real mark of appreciation, the engraved glass clock has been the gift of choice for decades.

Clocks are symbolically associated with time passing and with keeping on track with your life’s path. For this reason they are very apt for marking significant moments in people’s lives. Traditionally, they have been presented to employees to commemorate their careers upon retirement, but there is no reason that why the engraved glass clock might not be the perfect choice for celebrating other significant moments.

1. Teachers’ end of term gifts

Teachers work hard throughout the year nurturing young minds, and (hopefully) setting students up for a lifetime of success along their chosen paths. A great way to honour their hard work at this time of the year is with a stylish timepiece. Glass clocks come in a range of styles and sizes and can be adorned with a personal message from the class to thank teachers for their time well spent!

2. Great gift for that ‘big’ birthday

Engraved glass clocks are also a fantastic choice to toast a coming-of-age. The versatile styles of the clocks you could choose – from the design of the face, to the style of the finishing – make them the perfect gift to mark a milestone birthday. By marking landmark birthdays in this way, an engraved clock becomes a wonderful keepsake for the recipient to look on with fondness for years to come.

3. Wedding presents to cherish

When love to last a lifetime is in the air, what could be more appropriate than a stylish engraved clock to celebrate the moment? Choose fonts and design that capture the spirit of the happy couple and give them something to enjoy on their mantelpiece during their long and happy life together. With so many different styles of glass, of clock face design, and of engraving technologies to choose from, you cannot fail to find something special for your loved ones at this memorable moment in their lives.

4. Perfect prizes and awards

A twist on the traditional trophy or engraved plaque, an engraved glass clock adds something a little special to prizes or awards. Whether awarded by a professional body, in the workplace, in an institution of learning, or by the local community, engraved glass clocks make dazzling prizes; something that the prize winner will be proud to show off in their home or workplace. Choose from sleek, understated engravings or something a little more extravagant to really make a statement of appreciation.

5. Commemorative graduation gifts

Most people who graduate from their studies will only do so once in a lifetime. It is such a significant moment in any graduate’s life, that it is really worth enshrining their achievement in a gift that they can cherish forever. Whatever path the graduate in your life takes after their success, encourage them on their way with an inspirational quote, or an encouraging message engraved onto their clock that they can enjoy coming back to through the years.

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