Essential items for mixing the perfect cocktail

Essential items for mixing the perfect cocktail

Cocktails can be enjoyed at any time of the year and for any occasion, and mixing a range of cocktails at home has never been easier.

Bar accessories and ingredients are readily available, and all that’s needed is a good internet connection to access hundreds of recipes online. To ensure your cocktail party is a roaring success though, it’s important to go the extra mile.

Good quality ingredients are a must, making sure that there are nonalcoholic options available too. Prepare for every taste, as some people prefer sweet, and some sour. Start a journal of favourite recipes and any ‘tweaks’ that may be added to personalise popular cocktails.
A long handled spoon will be very handy for swirling drinks in tall glasses, and one which incorporates a ‘muddler’ (a round, flat attachment) is great for pulping mint or herb sprigs at the bottom of the glass. A set of coasters will help protect surfaces, and funky straws, paper umbrellas and swizzle sticks can add a sense of fun to the occasion.

No bar would be complete without a cocktail shaker and a selection of measures, along with ice-bucket, tongs, strainer and a corkscrew. Not forgetting probably the most important items – namely a selection of glassware suitable for most types of cocktails. They can even be personalised, such as choosing a range of engraved cocktail glasses with ingredients listed on them, as any engraved glassware is sure to be a talking point.

At H Cooper Glass Engravers, we have a wide selection of drinkware and decanters, perfect for complementing any cocktail bar.

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