Enjoy craft gin with an engraved gin glass

Enjoy craft gin with an engraved gin glass

There has been a resurgence in the popularity of craft gins made in small batches that are often flavoured. The discerning gin drinker is particular about the type of glass they drink from. An engraved gin glass is the perfect vessel from which to drink craft gin.

The shape of the glass matters

The most common way of serving gin was in a Tom Collins glass, a long straight glass where gin was mixed with tonic and cooled with an ice cube. Many people still enjoy gin from a straight glass, but increasingly the preference is for using the Copa de Balon glass, which has a stem and a bowl shape not dissimilar to a wine glass.

The Copa de Balon glass is not a new design. In the 1700s, it was used in the Basque region of Spain. The glass is still used in Spain, and the Spaniards are the largest consumers of gin in Europe.

The distinctive shape of the Copa de Balon glass is said to bring out the flavour of the gin. Tasting gin is a combination of the aroma and the taste. The wide bowl of the glass collects the aromas and concentrates their flavour.

Plenty of ice can be put in the Copa de Balon glass and it will melt more slowly, keeping the drink nice and cold.

Gin drinkers also like holding the Copa de Balon glass. With the hands wrapped around the bowl, it feels comforting and adds to the pleasure of drinking gin.

Serve gin and tonic in an engraved gin glass garnished with lemon, mint or other garnishes.

Engraving makes gin glasses special

Whether you prefer the Copa da Balon glass or a straight one, engraving the glass makes it special. Engraved gin glasses are great personalised presents, either given as a single glass or a set of glasses. They are not expensive to buy and engrave. For a little extra, you can purchase the luxury of a crystal glass.

Engraved glasses can mark a special occasion, or to recognise the positive contribution an employee has made to a business. Sometimes, it’s great to give a present just because you feel like treating someone you care for. The message engraved on the gin glass can express how you feel about them.

An engraved gin glass does not have to hold gin, there are many craft distillers making low or no alcohol spirits that can be enjoyed with a mixer and ice. Fruit juice tastes great from an engraved gin glass.

Glasses can be engraved with any message you like and can include an image engraved on the surface of the glass.

An engraved gin glass is perfect for gin. Why not host a gin tasting event with a selection of flavoured gins drunk from engraved gin glasses? After the event, participants can take home their engraved gin glass as a souvenir of the good time they have had.

Rather than buy mass produced gifts, consider engraved glasses that personalised with your heartfelt message.

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