Engraved wine glasses solve the ‘present dilemma’

Engraved wine glasses solve the ‘present dilemma’

The ‘present dilemma’ is when you cannot think of anything to buy someone as a gift. If this sounds like you, have you considered engraved wine glasses?

If the present is for a man, they may appear to have all the gadgets, car accessories and clothes that they need. Unless you are a close friend or family member, it can be difficult to know the tastes of a person.

Have you had that feeling when someone says “thank you, that’s a lovely present”, that they may not be being sincere and are secretly underwhelmed by the gift?

The trick to finding the ideal gift is to choose something that the person would not go out and buy themselves. Engraved wine glasses carry a personal message that makes them unique.

The benefits of giving engraved wine glasses

If you know that the receiver of the gift appreciates wine, engraved wine glasses are the solution to finding an unusual personalised gift. Wine glasses come in a variety of designs, and for an even more luxurious gift, choose crystal wine glasses.

You can purchase a single wine glass or a set of glasses in presentation boxes. To make a present of engraved wine glasses extra special, add a bottle of fine wine to the gift. Engraved wine glasses don’t have to be restricted to wine lovers – even non-drinkers will enjoy the experience of drinking alcohol-free drinks from engraved glasses.

A present to a loved one needs to be a quality gift. You could go to the local pound shop and purchase wine glasses for loose change, but cheap glasses may not reflect the high regard you have for your friend, family member or colleague. A good quality glass engraved with a personal message shows that you have given some thought to the present and have taken care in choosing a personalised gift.

Engraved wine glasses are not just decorative – they are meant to be used. They enhance the experience of drinking good wine. They feel good to hold, and the bowl enhances the aromas of the wine. Good wine should be drunk from a premium quality glass.

Engraving heartfelt messages

Wine glasses can be engraved with any message, and the words etched on the glass can express how you feel about the person. They can commemorate special occasions such as Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays. Present engraved glasses to mark special achievements such as getting married, landing a dream job or passing a driving test.

Engraved wine glasses make great corporate gifts for VIP clients or incentives that reward staff for outstanding work. Messages can express thanks to someone who helps you, praising them for their generosity, humour, empathy or other positive traits.

For that someone who seems to have everything, engraved wine glasses are a unique gift carrying a message that makes them feel special, not only when they receive the gift, but every time they fill it up and enjoy their tipple of choice from it.

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