Engraved glass clocks make unique gifts

Engraved glass clocks make unique gifts

Engraved glass clocks offer a special personalised gift that people love to receive.

Retirement clocks

A few years ago, it was not out of the ordinary for someone to spend all their working life in one company. The day they retired, it was traditional for the company to present them with an engraved clock to mark many years of loyal service.

Nowadays, few people spend all their working life in one business, but they may still receive a gift when they retire. The tradition of giving clocks may have waned, but there is no reason why a company or the retired person’s work colleagues cannot give them an engraved glass clock.

In past times, the retirement clock was often a large wood and brass mantlepiece clock or a carriage clock with a small engraved silver or brass panel carrying the retired person’s name and the company name. Modern designed engraved glass clocks are much more elegant and stylish. The most popular are simple clear crystal glass shapes with a clock face embedded in them. These can still be displayed on a mantelpiece but look good on a home desk or table.

Recognition awards

Of course, there are many reasons to give engraved glass clocks apart from retirement. When recognising employee achievements, it may not be enough to say a simple thank you with a handshake. An engraved glass award is a lasting reminder that you appreciate a job well done. An engraved glass clock can be proudly displayed on an employee’s desk. Research has shown that rewarding workers with tangible rewards makes them feel happier and more loyal to the company, and motivates them to perform well.

Awards do not have to be restricted to the business environment. Families and friends can have awards for anything from passing exams, to getting engaged, to landing a great job. Friends that share a passion for sports can hold sporting events with an engraved glass clock as a prize – after all, most sports are timed.

That special anniversary

Anniversaries are important to us. The media frequently celebrates them – the anniversary of the end of the Second World War, the anniversary of the first Beatles number one, the anniversary of the death of a famous person.

People have personal anniversaries – birthdays and wedding anniversaries being the main ones that families celebrate. An anniversary marks the passage of time, and so does a clock. This makes an engraved glass clock the ideal present to celebrate an anniversary. They can be personalised with an engraved message that names the people involved in the anniversary and the occasion. You can even have an image engraved on the clock. This could be a picture of the happy couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Saying thank you

Sometimes you want to say thank you to a friend or family member. They may not have achieved something extraordinary, but simply been there for you at a challenging time. An engraved glass clock could with the words “thank you” written on it will make them feel special.

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