Engraved gin glasses for the gin lover in your life

Engraved gin glasses for the gin lover in your life

If someone you are close to loves gin, give them the special gift of engraved gin glasses.

The rise of gin

There has been a renewed interest in gin in the last five years. At one time in bars and supermarkets, the choice of gins to buy was restricted to a few high-profile brands like Gordon’s and Bombay Sapphire. There are now about 315 gin distilleries in Britain, more than double the number five years ago.

Gin is now so popular it has been included in the goods on which the Office of National Statistics bases its inflation figures. According to a YouGov poll, gin is the most popular UK spirit.

Many of the gins on sale today are flavoured. You can buy rhubarb and lime gin, botanical gins, hop gins and many more flavours.

Gin glasses

To gin lovers, the glass they drink their gin out of is important. There are different types of gin glasses, with stem or without. A balloon gin glass is popular as it is large enough to hold the drink, mixer, ice and a slice of lemon. Some people prefer a smaller glass that holds one part gin and two parts tonic. Heavy glass tumblers are preferred by many.

A testing glass or flute glass is for tasting neat gin. This glass allows the aromas of a top-class gin to be fully experienced.

Though you can buy specific gin glasses, you can drink gin out of glasses that are designed for other drinks. A cut glass crystal whiskey glass is ideal. Drinking gin is not just about the taste – the weight of the glass and how it feels held in the hands are part of the enjoyment too.

Engraved gin glasses

If a friend or family member likes gin, engraved gin glasses make a welcome gift. The glass is made special by personalising it with an engraved message. This can include the person’s name and a dedication that makes them feel exceptional. Simply say “to my best friend”, the best dad in the world” or “because you were there for me”.

Engraved gin glasses make good presents to mark achievements. They can be given as an engagement present, to celebrate a wedding, or to mark university graduation or an anniversary. They can also be gifted at Christmas and on birthdays.

There does not have to be a particular reason for giving engraved gin glasses. Simply give them to someone you are close to because you just feel like it. People love the surprise of an unexpected gift.

Images can be added to engraved gin glasses. A business can have their logo engraved on glasses they give to employees that recognise outstanding achievements.

Engraved gin glasses are not expensive, though you can pay extra for premium crystal glasses should you wish to.

Engraved gin glasses are to be used, not just admired on a shelf or display cabinet in the home. Every time your friend, colleague or family member sips gin from the engraved gin glasses you gave them, they will think about you.

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