Engraved crystal globes make prestigious awards

Engraved crystal globes make prestigious awards

Engraved crystal globes are stylish awards suitable for a business to reward outstanding performance by star workers. They are supplied in presentation boxes that complement the engraved glass globes.

Why awards?

Few staff members have high self-esteem at all times. There are occasions when staff might feel inadequate or overwhelmed by the challenge of a project. To raise self-esteem, employees need praise and thanks for a job well done.

Appreciation is a fundamental need. Sometimes it is enough to verbally express thanks and recognition for good work, but when outstanding work is performed, a more permanent reminder is better. Rewards in the form of bonuses are welcome, but after the money goes into the bank account and is spent, it is forgotten. A physical reward like an engraved crystal globe is a long-term reminder that the business values its employees.

If the employee leaves the company, they can make the award a positive feature of their CV.

The giving of the award does not just affect the one staff member; other people who work with him or her will see the crystal globe proudly displayed on the employee’s desk and know that they work for a company that appreciates the contribution the staff make to its success.

Giving awards is a part of creating a positive work culture that raises staff morale and this increases productivity.

Cost effective

Engraved glass globes are not expensive, starting at around £20. Crystal glass is a luxury glass that is fitting for a prestigious award. These globes are elegant looking and feature a globe that represents the world. They stand for the positive impact the employee has on the world of the company. The cost of the award is small in comparison with the benefits it provides.

Not just for individuals

As well as awarding individuals, it is a good idea to recognise teamwork. Business is a collaborative activity, with many people responsible for its success. Many companies divide their staff into teams that work on particular projects. Why not reward teams with crystal glass awards for the successful completion of a project?

Business trade bodies promote the interests of a particular business sector. They hold annual award ceremonies to recognise the best companies and entrepreneurs who are outstanding. Engraved crystal awards are ideal for these business awards. They can be displayed in reception areas to impress customers and show that they are dealing with a highly regarded business.

The message

Engraved crystal globes can contain any message. For employee awards, they should be personalised with the employee’s name, what the award is for and the date when it was awarded. A company logo can also be engraved on the glass. After receiving the award, the staff member can display it on their desk. If the employee leaves the company, they will take the award home to be displayed there.

If you want to reward a person, a group or a business with a prestigious trophy, you can’t go wrong with engraved crystal globes.

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