Which engraved brandy glasses are best for enjoying cognac?

Which engraved brandy glasses are best for enjoying cognac?

For hundreds of years, the rich aromas and flavour of brandy have been enjoyed around the world, and for some, cognac is regarded as one of the finest sprits there is.

The difference between a brandy and a cognac is in the distilling process and, more importantly the origin, which is protected under French law. A brandy can only be called a cognac if it comes from a specific region of the Charente and certain grape varieties are used. In a nutshell, all cognac is brandy, yet not all brandy can be called cognac.

When choosing the perfect set of engraved brandy glasses to present to a brandy lover, the range is wider than might be thought. Here are a selection that are recommended by brandy connoisseurs:

Tulip glass

Connoisseurs agree that the tulip glass design manages to capture aromas better than the traditional balloon shape. With a long stem and a smaller bell-shaped bottom that flares outwards, the shape allows the spirit to breathe better. The nose is concentrated at the top rather than in the glass, which helps with taste, making the experience more enjoyable.

Pure cognac glass snifter

A modern glass with old-fashioned elegance, a balloon-style snifter is made from thicker glass giving it a substantial feel. Again offering the classic large bell-shaped bottom that closes towards the top, this glass has quite a thick rim and heavy base. A contemporary version of the traditional snifter.

Traditional cognac snifter

A classical cognac snifter design made from thin, very fine crystal. With a more elegantly curved shape, rather than a full round bottom, this glass is taller than the average balloon snifter giving the impression of a slightly more special experience.

Stemless cognac balloon glass

With its ultra-modern design, this glass is considered the most avant garde of brandy glasses. What sets this traditional balloon-shaped glass apart is the lack of stem. With the bell of the brandy glass rolling freely around the table as it is put down, this leads to a constant movement for the liquid, which in turn releases extra aromas. As engraved brandy glasses, these would make a surprising and pleasantly quirky gift for a brandy lover.

Cognac balloon glass

A classic balloon glass appreciated by traditionalists everywhere. With a simple low base and short stem, the large balloon shape of the bell allows a greater surface area for the brandy to unfold its aromas.

Although the experts favour the tulip shape for enjoying the ultimate in a cognac tasting experience, it is clear to see that there are plenty of options for traditional and contemporary designs. Finding a set of engraved brandy glasses to suit almost every occasion is purely a matter of personal preference.

One thing experts do agree on, is despite the wide choice of drinking vessel available, what matters most is the enjoyable experience of tasting a fine cognac or brandy that is important – something that should not just be a standard procedure.

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