Engraved beer tankards say ‘thank you’ in a special way

Engraved beer tankards say ‘thank you’ in a special way

An engraved beer tankard is a personalised gift that expresses thanks in a unique way.

Sometimes saying thank you is not enough, so you want to express gratitude with a gift. A person that likes beer appreciates a special glass. A beer tankard, with its handle and sturdy feel, is a special gift that will be used many times. A personalised engraving means that the person who uses the tankard will think of you every time they raise it to their lips.

Business rewards

Businesses need to demonstrate that they care about their employees and their contribution. Engagement programs are designed to find employees who perform particularly well, or show leadership qualities. Personalized gifts are the ideal way to reward employees’ performance. A beer tankard engraved with the employee’s name and the reason for the award will make the employee feel proud. Awarding employees raises your employees’ loyalty towards your company.

Personal thank you gifts

Sometimes you just need a little help in life. Maybe you are moving to a new house, looking for a new job, or need assistance after an illness. Family members and friends are often more than willing to assist you and do not expect a reward. Giving an engraved glass gift like an engraved beer tankard is an inexpensive way of saying thank you for your help. Glass tankards can simply have the name of the recipient and then words “Thank You” written on them.

If you are struggling to put your appreciation into words, a personalised message engraved on a glass beer tankard expresses your gratitude in a simple but effective way. Each time a person sees your gift they will be reminded of you and they will appreciate your kind gesture.

Many tankards to choose from

There are many glass tankards to choose from that can be engraved with a personalized message. For that special luxury feel, there are crystal tankards that contain beautiful patterns, or you may prefer a plain glass tankard with an elegant minimalist look.
Some people that prefer a straight beer glass rather than a tankard.

A beer tankard can be engraved with any message. You can also have an image engraved on it. Your glass engraver will have many image designs to choose from, or you can provide your own image. This could be a business logo or a family crest.

Often a person’s name and a simple message are best. A tankard with too many words can look cluttered. The great thing about glass engraving is that that there are so many options. Your glass engraver can provide advice, but it is down to you exactly what message and image are engraved on the tankard.

The next time you are struggling to find a gift that says thank you, give an engraved glass beer tankard.

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