Engraved awards – good for business as well as the recipient

Engraved awards – good for business as well as the recipient

Many businesses give their employees engraved glass awards for their achievements. The benefits of giving awards are not just to make the employees feel good, but also to benefit their business. Awards can reduce employee turnover, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity. This will result in increased income and profit.

If a business also rewards its clients with awards, it can only increase client loyalty.

The value of employees

The key to business success is the value of the employees. Famous entrepreneur Richard Branson says that hiring the right staff is one of his keys to business success. He says:

“If your staff are having fun and genuinely care about other people, they will enjoy their work more and do a better job.”

It is not enough to think about how much employees are appreciated, they need to be shown gratitude. There are many ways to do this. Taking time out to shake an employee’s hand and saying say thank you is important, and of course pay rises and bonuses recognise a job well done.

Cash awards are always welcomed, but they are temporary. Money arrives in an employee’s bank account and gets spent. An award engraved with the employee’s name and the reason for the award remains proudly displayed on a worker’s desk or in their home. Every time they see their award, they are reminded of how much they are appreciated.

Engraved awards are for special achievements such as record sales, outstanding customer service, or thinking up moneysaving ideas. Employees want to receive recognition for their outstanding work and in return they will continue to be productive.


Awards make people happy and happiness is contagious. Contented employees will make customers feel good too, which is something Branson has also been known to comment on.


A business has to run at a profit, and every item of expenditure needs to be justified. Money spent is seen as an investment and a return is expected.

An engraved glass award is not expensive. A stylish glass award costs just over £10, including engraving. A crystal glass award is more but is still great value. It is difficult to accurately measure the financial result of giving engraved awards. The difference in productivity and sales after giving awards compared to before awards were presented is an indication of the value of engraved awards.

Motivation for people without awards

Engraved awards are given in front of the workforce. As well as motivating the recipient, they gee up the other members of the workforce who did not receive the award. Awards reinforce the values and ideals of the organization and how good work is recognised. Not everyone receives an award, but they know they could get one in the future. This culture helps build team morale and make all employees more productive.

It does not cost much to introduce an employee award scheme. The best way to see if an award scheme is effective is to give employees engraved awards and watch what happens.

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