Do no and low alcohol spirits taste as good?

Do no and low alcohol spirits taste as good?

According to recent trends, “nolo”, or no and low alcohol spirits, are becoming an increasingly popular choice, but can they hold their own when compared to the real drink? Imitation spirits are giving consumers some genuine alternatives to the usual alcoholic offerings, and with the current pandemic, some people are taking the opportunity to address their drinking habits and cut down.

It’s all in the taste

Finding the balance between individual components is crucial, as with all fully alcoholic spirits. There should be a delicious blend of sweet and savoury – if this is right, the experience will be very similar to having an alcoholic spirit, without the light-headedness. The actual flavour is also very important, and it should work in harmony with the underlying textures of a drink to give complete satisfaction. In addition, a truly successful nolo alternative should give the drinker the same burn and bitterness that alcohol provides.

Don’t neglect presentation

Along with the taste experience, presentation is a key factor when enjoying a tipple or two, whether it’s alcoholic or not. Take the time to match engraved drinkware to each concoction. The glass used should reflect the seriousness of the drink as a true alternative to full strength spirits. Choose high-quality mixers and ingredients to mix drinks, and present with the usual accompaniments.

Don’t cut corners just because the alcohol has been removed – you will enjoy the experience all the more by drinking from lovely, engraved crystal glasses.

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