Distillers future-proof Scottish whisky

Distillers future-proof Scottish whisky

Traditionalists may say whisky should be drunk straight, over ice or with a little water, but there are a growing number of whisky aficionados and distillers that are firmly behind the theory that whisky should be drank whichever way a person enjoys it.

The whisky industry in Scotland has long been held as the world leader for this iconic drink. Meanwhile, changing attitudes and tastes has meant that more and more people are experimenting using whisky as a base for cocktails, with some classic mixtures enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Scottish distillers have realised that they have to compete in an ever-growing market, with competition from other countries, such as Japan, taking more and more of the market share.

Therefore, some distillers have upped their game, looking to future-proof their products with new flavour tastes from ancient and forgotten grains, or new methods of distillation.

Whisky cocktails have never been so popular, as Cameron Ewan, the manager at the Scotch Bar in The Balmoral Hotel, explained to Cnet.com:

“We’re a fantastic little sanctuary of whisky within the Balmoral Hotel here. It’s a very traditional room, certainly, but our attitude isn’t. We take the view that whisky should be approachable in a wide variety of styles.”

Using homemade syrups and sodas, and slices of fresh fruit to decorate, Ewan brings a whole new approach to drinking Scotland’s best-loved spirit. Whisky lovers can experiment at home with some old and new whisky cocktail recipes – all that’s needed is a quality whisky, an imagination and some classic engraved whisky glasses.

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