Could Crown stamp replace EU mark on pint glasses?

Could Crown stamp replace EU mark on pint glasses?

A European Union directive may be overturned, as calls are being made to replace the current glass stamp ‘CE’, which guarantees the glass’s correct size, with the traditional 300-year-old Crown stamp, the Daily Mail has reported.

The EU Measuring Instruments Directive of 2006 was opposed by some of the major brewing companies, including J D Wetherspoon and Punch Taverns, when it was introduced.

From 2007, all new pint and half pint engraved glassware had to bear the ‘CE’ mark, although glasses already bearing the Crown stamp were still allowed to be used. No other markings were permitted on new glasses.

After protests from some MEPs (Members of the European Parliament), the European Commission allowed a crown ‘look-alike’ to be used alongside the ‘CE’ mark.

MEP Bill Etheridge, also a member of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), believes a return to the traditional Crown stamp may be on the cards, with a return to British Standard measurements a possibility after the UK leaves the European Union.

Talking to The Daily Mail, Mr Etheridge said:

“All drinkers remember the Crown mark, knowing that it guaranteed them a full pint, indeed there are still some around. Reintroduced gradually, as replacements, they are not a throwback to a nostalgic era, but a move to put us back in control of the production and specifications of our own pint.”

Etheridge also believes a return of engraved glasses, pints and half pints, with the Crown stamp, could help British glassware manufacturers and boost the industry.

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