Crowdfunding campaign launched for world’s first smart glass

Crowdfunding campaign launched for world’s first smart glass

A group of Italian designers and innovators is hoping to change the way people meet for a drink with a revolutionary new smart glass.

Using Bluetooth technology, the EBROST smart glass can be controlled via a smartphone, allowing the user to change the colour and location of the glass. The team is looking for funding through crowdfunding site Indiegogo, which is popular for innovative and groundbreaking products.

The smart glass is currently in a pre-sale stage and being trialled in certain participating pubs. The pubs are able to pre-order engraved glasses with their logo on, offering a powerful advertising tool as well as an engaging talking point. The EBROST smart glass will be available from May.

With advanced technology including a temperature sensor, an accelerometer, a rechargeable battery, wireless charging and a universal app that is free to download, the smart glass is fully customisable, enabling users to change the appearance of their glass with an infinite number of colour possibilities. Colour matching with friends, sharing favourite drinking locations and individually personalising a glass are just some of the advantages, according to the makers.

Aside from creating an interesting and fun way to participate in social gatherings, the makers are keen to emphasise the marketing potential for businesses wishing to promote their brand with engraved glassware. The app allows participants to share favourite drinks, destinations and the whole drinking experience with fellow users. Participating outlets will also be offering drink discounts for anyone purchasing and using an EBROST smart glass.

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