Craftsmen offer insight into Honda Indy Toronto trophy

Craftsmen offer insight into Honda Indy Toronto trophy

Among engraved crystal awards, the Honda Indy Toronto trophy is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and detail.

One of its most noteworthy moments happened in 2013, when second place racer Sebastian Bourdain mistook the wooden pedestal on which the trophy sat for part of the trophy itself. Upon picking up the pedestal, the trophy slowly tipped over, smashing into a thousand pieces on the winners’ podium.

Claudia Truchan of Canadian glass awards supplier William Ashley said about the incident:

“We were disappointed for Sebastian but secretly quite relieved it wasn’t the winner’s trophy.”

The mishap has subsequently become an amusing anecdote among those who have been part of the eight year relationship between the famous Indy Car race, House of Waterford Crystal in Ireland and William Ashley.

William Ashley has not considered affixing wooden pedestals to the Honda Indy Toronto trophies to avoid future accidents, as it would compromise Waterford Crystal’s unique design which features a detailed engraving of the Toronto skyline with a representation of the Indy Car race below it.

Each trophy is made in Ireland, which guarantees quality according to Truchan. She believes House of Waterford Crystal is a perfect fit for the race, citing its longstanding relationship with the Canadian outlet.

Indeed, the glass bowls Waterford Crystal makes using an exacting moulding and blowing technique can quickly be discarded if the engraver makes even a minor slip up during the final touches. Perhaps Bourdain should stick to the paper replicas he received at an event ahead of this year’s race.

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