The coolest engraved shot glasses around

The coolest engraved shot glasses around

Whether collecting shot glasses as a hobby or to display on a home bar, there are now literally hundreds, if not thousands, of designs out there. From the vintage sports-themed to bespoke cut glass crystal, there are engraved shot glasses to suit everyone and every occasion. Here are just a sample of some of the quirkier shot glasses available to collectors and fans today:

No ammunition needed

For the literal-minded, how about a shot glass that looks like a 12-gauge shot cartridge Made from red glass with a brass bottom, they are a realistic copy ideal for shooting parties. There is even one that holds 4.5 ounces instead of the usual 1.5, giving the drinker three shots for one. Then again, a replica of a muzzle-shot flash hider from a tactical assault rifle, made from aluminium and coated with an anodised grey coat, could be enough to make any military enthusiasts happy. Another quirky addition is the shot glass with a frosted inner shaped like a bomb. When dark liquor is added, the bomb is clearly visible.

Heroes and villains

For those who prefer their engraved shot glasses to have more of a superhuman element, there are several glasses licensed by DC Comics based on the original comic books. Choose from Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, and each glass comes complete with its own superhero cape.

For something a little spookier, there is a shot glass with an inner lining in the shape of a skull, where servers and drinkers can pour a dark or red liquid in the glass and watch the skull come alive.

No collection of shot glasses would be complete without a Star Wars set, with a choice of good versus evil in the shape of Yoda and Darth Vader, each bearing a message from the iconic movie series.

Practical and multifunctional

Shot glasses can be fun and practical at the same time, like the Collapsible Shot Glass Keyring, a must for every grown-up boy scout who likes to ‘be prepared’. If storage space is limited, then the handy Beer Pint Shot Glass might be just the thing, as it combines a handy shot glass within the pint glass bottom – just flip it depending on what you’re drinking.

A Shot Glass Card is not only thoughtful but practical too. The cardboard cut-out shot glass folds into a ready to use shot glass. For when the lights go dim there is a ready solution; finished with a rubber base, these glasses offer a ‘Shot in the Dark’ green glow.

Weird and wonderful

The trend for using Mason jars to drink out of has eventually extended to the shot glass, with the addition of a 2.4oz version perfect for moonshine or other liquor. Animal head shot glasses, shaped like bulls or deer, allow the glass to be turned upside down and rest on the horns or antlers of the animal. While engraved shot glasses that are in the style of laboratory equipment, such as test tubes, a Florence flask or Erlenmeyer flask, can be reminiscent of a chemistry lesson.

Engraved shot glasses are no longer restricted to the short, straight glass seen in cowboy films, the styles available today are limited only by imagination.

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