Contoured glass for wine lovers hits Kickstarter

Contoured glass for wine lovers hits Kickstarter

Wine lovers and connoisseurs everywhere will soon be able to enjoy the full experience when it comes to wine. The Wine Glass Mask, a recent project on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, is hoping to reach it’s target of $78,000 by the end of March. The innovation, from inventor James Piatt, is a contoured wine glass that fits directly onto a drinker’s face and is shaped rather like an oxygen mask.

Designed to maximise the drinking experience, the rim of the glass fits snugly over the nose so as to aid in the enjoyment of a glass of wine. Breathable air holes either side, called ‘venturi nozzles’ help control the flow of oxygen while drinking, and help focus on the aromas released by the wine such as, fruits, herbs, spices and flowers.

Speaking to The Sun, James explained:

“As you breathe in you notice an intensified aroma because none of your experience is lost.”

Describing how red wine molecules mix with oxygen and nitrogen in the air, he goes on to say:

“Your wine drinking experience will never be the same.”

Measurements from several faces were taken to create an optimal shape for the Wine Glass Mask, which was designed using 3D software to make a model. However, James does admit that the ‘mask’ may not fit everyone perfectly due to the vast range of face shapes and sizes.  Part novelty and part functional, engraved wine glasses like the Wine Glass Mask may become a favourite gift for wine lovers.


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