A closer look at the Super Bowl Trophy

A closer look at the Super Bowl Trophy

Fiercely competed for every year, the Super Bowl is one of the highlights of the American sporting calendar, and is becoming increasingly popular in the wider world.

Played as the championship game of the National Football League at the end of a regular football season, the Super Bowl was first played 51 years ago in January 1967. Each year is depicted in Roman numerals, for instance the 2018 championship, played for after the 2017 football season, was known as Super Bowl LII (52), whereas in 1967 the first championship game was Super Bowl I, played after the 1966 football season. The trophy was renamed the Vince Lombardi Trophy in 1970, after the Green Bay Packers coach who led the team to victory for the first two Super Bowl championships.

Standing at 22 inches tall, the trophy weighs 7lb. It is made completely of sterling silver and has an engraved shield with the words ‘Vince Lombardi Trophy’ inscribed on it, as well as the Roman numerals of that particular year. The design is of an American football sitting atop a three-sided stand. A new trophy is made each year and takes around four months for master silversmiths to produce, using a combination of techniques such as chasing, spinning, polishing and hand engraving. After being presented to the winners immediately after the game, the trophy is then sent away to be engraved with the name of the winning team, location, winning score and date. The winning team gets to keep this trophy forever, with each player receiving a smaller replica.

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