Charity worker wins special award

A charity worker from Wales was presented with a special engraved award on a recent episode of The One Show.

Actor Michael Sheen surprised Carl Bradley during the One Big Thank You segment of the BBC show for his efforts to ensure young people have the necessary equipment to play football.

Bradley started his charity The Boot Room in 2019, with the aim of providing football boots for youngsters who couldn’t afford to buy their own. The idea originated from when Bradley was a teenager and had to use donated football boots himself. According to close friend Alison Lodwig, who nominated him for the award, Bradley works tirelessly to raise funds for The Boot Room, and he is a vital part of the community.

Bradley thought the BBC film crew were present to shoot a small segment about his charity. However, using the disguise of a motorcycle courier, Sheen surprised Bradley with a special delivery. The bemused charity worker opened the box to discover a golden boot trophy inside. These iconic engraved awards are usually presented to the highest goal scorers at the end of the football season. The trophy was engraved with the words ‘For Being a Top Bloke’.

Speaking on behalf of The One Show, Sheen said:

“A huge thank you for everything you are doing for the community through The Boot Room.”

Bradley responded by insisting it was a team effort, and that he was incredibly proud of all his team members.

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