All change for Strictly Come Dancing trophy

All change for Strictly Come Dancing trophy

The iconic Glitterball Trophy that participants in the popular BBC programme, Strictly Come Dancing, fiercely compete for, is to undergo a subtle change in 2019.

Eagle-eyed fans may have already noticed that the sought-after trophy only has room left for the 2018 winning dancer’s name to be engraved onto it. Each side of the ebony base has room for four engraved name plates, so after fifteen seasons there is only the space for one more plate. It has been confirmed in the Radio Times by the BBC, that a bigger base is planned for the 2019 season.

Celebrities are paired with a dancing professional to compete for the trophy, which is a replica of the glitterballs often found suspended from the ceiling in glamorous ballrooms and dancing venues. The trophy has the title of the show across the front in gold lettering and is mounted on a square base, where each year the winning celebrity’s name is added.

Competition is usually very fierce and there aren’t many engraved awards that can stir the enthusiasm of the viewing public so passionately. The show is watched by millions across the UK, with a public vote to select the winning couple.

The 2018 season winner will join the fifteen previous winners on the iconic Glitterball trophy after the show begins in the autumn. The new season promises to be another excuse to break out the sequins and fake tan, as a new line-up of celebrities willing to strut their stuff is confirmed.

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