Celebrate with champagne from engraved flutes

Celebrate with champagne from engraved flutes

Engraved flutes make ideal gifts for people who want to celebrate with champagne, prosecco or other sparkling wine.

The benefits of the flute

Flutes for drinking sparkling wine have a long history dating back to the 1700s. The first flutes were tall and narrow with straight sides. In the 20th century, tastes shifted to the glass we are familiar with today which curves inwards slightly at the top.

The flute reduces the surface area at the top and this slows down the rate at which sparkling wine loses its fizz. Up until the last few years, most people drank, (and some still do), champagne from wide bowl glasses. This did mean that the drink got flat quicker, but as long as the wine is not drunk too slowly, few drinkers will notice this.

Wine experts say that the flute minimizes the wine to oxygen ratio which enhances the taste and aroma of the wine.

Though most people use flutes for drinking sparkling wine, strong Belgian craft beers are sometimes drunk from flute shaped glasses.

Celebrate with champagne

Champagne is the traditional way to celebrate occasions and for making a toast, though prosecco, cava and other sparkling wines can be substituted. Whether to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary or mark an achievement, glasses are raised and sparkling wine sipped to mark the occasion. For people who do not drink alcohol, sparkling apple or grape juice is a good alternative.

For significant occasions, people want a permanent reminder of the celebration. Photographs are great but better still is using glass flutes engraved with words that summarise the occasion. Generous hosts present the toast participants with their own souvenir engraved flutes to take home to remind them about the good time they have had.

Celebrations can be between family members and friends, but businesses can also celebrate. After reaching sales targets or receiving an industry award, celebrate with sparkling wine drunk from engraved flutes.

Crystal engraved glass flutes

To make a flute special engrave it with a heartfelt message. An etched image can also be added. For that special luxury feel, purchase engraved flutes made from premium quality crystal glass, either plain or cut glass crystal. Whether you prefer white to rosy sparkling wine, the crystal glass will show off the rising bubbles. A crystal flute looks special and, held in the hand, feels luxurious.

They make fine gifts for someone you love. Companies give crystal glass flutes to star employees or as prizes for team-building exercises. They are best given in a silky textile lined presentation box.

Any message can be engraved on the flutes, and you can select your favourite font for the text. Business or sports teams can have their logo engraved on the flutes


Engraved flutes are elegant and practical presents that can sit on a shelf or in a show cabinet, but they should be used time and time again. Whenever there is cause to celebrate pop open a bottle of fizzy wine and fill the engraved flutes.

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