Celebrate in style with engraved champagne flutes

Celebrate in style with engraved champagne flutes

Champagne is associated with celebrations, weddings, baptisms, sporting triumphs, business achievements and more. To make the occasion extra special, drink champagne from a flute engraved with a message that marks the reasons to celebrate.

How champagne became the celebration drink

Champagne was first used for celebratory purposes after the French Revolution, when many secular rituals replaced religious ones. For example, ships used to be launched after being blessed by priests. The champagne bottle broken over the ship replaced the priest. This custom persists today.

Kolleen M Guy, the author of the book ‘When Champagne Became French’, says:

“In a secular society, we want to mark both the joy and sanctity of the occasion. Champagne does this symbolically, but also visually, since it overflows in abundance and joy.”

While red wine became an essential part of Holy Communion, champagne remains a secular drink, though you do not have to be non-religious to enjoy it.

Champagne as a status symbol

The royal courts of Europe began drinking champagne sometime prior to 1789. As champagne was more expensive than other wines, it was a status symbol that demonstrated one’s high status in life.

Champagne is much more affordable now, with many brands available for around £10 a bottle. Vintage champagnes cost much more, and these are still regarded by many as a status symbol. Hip-hop musicians, for example, have been known to adopt very expensive champagne as their status symbol.

How to drink champagne

Champagne should be served cold, but not too cold, with 45 to 50°F the optimum. Some champagne experts say that if a bottle is taken from the fridge, it should be left to warm a few minutes before serving. As it warms, more aromas and flavours are released.

Although champagne flutes are the most popular glass to drink champagne from, some experts claim that this is not the ideal drinking vessel for champagne. They argue that a white wine glass is better to release the flavours and aromas of champagne.

Most drinkers may still prefer the elegance of an engraved champagne flute. If you want to drink from a white wine glass and still want the glass to be personalised, then buy an engraved white wine glass, but be prepared to convince your fellow champagne drinkers that this is a better way to drink champagne.

The pressure inside a champagne bottle is three times that of the average car tire. This is why the wire cage is on the top of the cork to stop it coming out. Always twist the bottle and not the cork to release the cork smoothly.

Engraving the glass champagne flute

You can buy plain or crystal engraved champagne flutes, and these can cost less than £10 including engraving. If you want a luxury glass to match the style of vintage champagne, for a little over £100 you can purchase an Earle Crystal Champagne Flute.

Text and images can be engraved to make your champagne flute as unique as its occasion.

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