Celebrate special occasions with an engraved beer tankard

Celebrate special occasions with an engraved beer tankard

It’s traditional to raise a glass to toast a special occasion. This is often done with champagne, but there is no rule to say that a toast cannot be made with beer. What makes a beer toast special is an engraved beer tankard that commemorates the occasion.

What makes an occasion special?

There are many reasons for a toast; birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas are celebrated. Achievements deserve recognition; a promotion at work, passing an exam, getting a new job, or a business achieving its first million pounds in sales.

It could be a time to celebrate when the pandemic is over. Thank someone who has helped in a difficult time in your life, or express gratitude for recovering from the virus infection.

You can create a special occasion and toast the greatest mum or dad in the world, or simply to feel gratitude for your life and the good things that have happened.

A more permanent personalised reminder

A toast is a great way to celebrate, but it lasts the few moments it takes to raise a glass and take a sip of a drink. It leaves you with fond memories, but an engraved glass is a more permanent reminder of why you celebrated in the first place.

An engraved beer tankard should contain a personalised message that records the occasion and has the name of the person whose achievements are being celebrated. Each person that takes part in the toast can have their own personal glass with their own name engraved on it.

Stylish and practical

Most bars serve draught beer in straight glasses, but when drinking at home, many prefer the traditional tankard with a handle. There is something comforting about wrapping your fingers through the handle and around the glass.

Beer tankards can be made from clear glass, but for a luxury gift, choose an Earle cut crystal beer tankard. Crystal glasses usually cost a little more, but they are a good choice for making a toast extra special.

The price you pay for a beer tankard includes the engraving in a choice of font styles.

Engraved glass beer tankards look elegant and are a great present for anyone who appreciates their beer. They look great displayed in the home, but they are not supposed to be a single-use item. Long after the special occasion is over, the beer tankard can be refilled. Plenty of drinkers swear that using a glass tankard improves the taste of beer or lager, and though there is no scientific evidence to support this, the psychological effect alone may make a difference.

You don’t have to drink alcohol to enjoy a daily drink from a beer tankard. There is an increasing number of great tasting low alcohol and no alcohol beers brewed.

If you want to commemorate a special occasion, or are struggling to think of a great present for a loved one, order an engraved beer tankard. Get together with friends (when it’s safe to do so), raise your engraved glass beer tankards and shout “Cheers!”.

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