Woods wins coveted golf title

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It has been 11 years since US golfer Tiger Woods last won a major tournament, but that changed earlier in the month as fans watched from around the world to see Woods win his fifth Green Jacket at the 2019 US Masters in Augusta.

The sporting icon had been beset by injury to his back, and had taken a backseat from professional golf tournaments in recent years. The golfer had expressed serious doubts over whether he would ever compete professionally again. After having surgery four times to correct the injury, Woods was finally able to resume his career.

Speaking after his win, Woods said:

“To have the opportunity to come back like this, you know it’s probably one of the biggest wins I’ve ever had for sure. It’s got to be right up there, with all the things I’ve battled through.”

As well as the famous Green Jacket, winners are awarded a gold medal which is engraved with a view of the Augusta Clubhouse as seen from the Founders Circle. They also have their name added to one of sporting world’s most striking trophies. The Masters Trophy is a depiction of the Augusta National Clubhouse and is made from over 900 hundred pieces of silver. Made in England in 1961, the engraved award remains the property of the club, but it was decided that a sterling silver replica was to be added in 1993, which winners can take home with them.

After his victorious comeback, Tiger Woods will have taken home another replica to add to his other four engraved awards of the Augusta National Clubhouse.

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