Wines that bring you a taste of Europe

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At this time of year, most people have been thinking about holidays, sunshine and time off work. However, being in holiday mode doesn’t always mean leaving the country, as there are several wines that can transport you across Europe simply through taste, even if you don’t manage to get there physically this year.


The albarino from the Coto de Gomariz winery in Spain is a white wine that hits you with powerful tastes of herbs and fruits. This winery is located in Galicia and is potentially one of Spain’s hidden gems with its beautiful coast and climate. The wine, which is said to be fresh and citrusy, is easy to drink in your favourite engraved crystal wine glasses, while you picture yourself soaking in the Spanish scenery.


Vermentino is a soft, dry white wine, one of the more summery wines from Italy. From the more expensive ones to the more affordable ones, the vermentino will transport you to that Italian summer with its zesty flavours.


Over in Greece, the malvasia grape variety provides another summery choice of wine. Its fresh and aromatic flavours offer a small taste of British holidaymakers’ most popular south-eastern European getaway destination.


One you might have heard of, Chardonnay is one of the most popular wine grapes and gives you those fruity summery flavours with extra buttery tones, all the way from the small village of its namesake in France.

How to enjoy

All you need to enjoy these fine wines are the comfort of your own home, some nibbles, and your engraved glassware to sip on the taste of Europe.

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